Our Frames

Built to make a Ruckus

Our love of rides off the beaten path is reflected by our offerings, gravel, mountain, and fat bike frames named after the geology of New England. Each frame meets our exacting standards – comfortable, durable, and easily serviced – and features eye-catching colors and graphics because subtlety thy name is not “ruckus.”

Focused on quality

Making a ruckus can be a little rough so our frames are selected to hold up to the abuse while also meeting our exacting standards – comfortable, easily serviced. These are bikes we want and do, ride.

Designed for fun

Ruckus Bike frames are not subtle. we selected colors that capture attention and make their own joyful cacophony. Each is named for the geology of our New England home, with a rock cairn gracing the head tube badge to guide your way.

Our Cairn

According to experts, “heaps of stones” or cairns were likely first used by Scots to “mark trails across grass-covered, hilly landscapes,” while other cultures used rock stacks to mark routes to food or other resources; direct sailors to lighthouses, mark gravesites or pass along messages. Source: Zion National Park

The cairn gracing the head tube of each frame is designed to illustrate both the balance bikes can provide (and is required to stay upright), while also serving as a marker along whatever path a rider takes.