About Ruckus Bikes

Our Story

Ruckus Bikes was inspired by a simple idea during a complicated time. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered historic demand for bicycles, as it also crippled the worldwide supply chain.

As bicycle shop owners, we witnessed the impact of the supply channel challenges first hand. With industry partners forced to push out delivery dates on bikes not weeks but months, we saw neighbors and friends barred from entry to a hobby that could help improve their physical health, mental outlook and connect them to a larger community.

Using our background as riders, racers, bike shop owners, mechanics, and community builders, we saw an opportunity to provide an alternative option for people looking for a bike. A chance to build something unique that captured our love of bicycles, guided all who rode toward new adventures, and welcomed anyone wanting to get dirty and “make a commotion.”

Our Mission

There is a moment, whether riding on a rec path with kids in tow, exploring the dirt roads and gravel in their backyard or taking on single track in the mountains of Switzerland when a rider is overtaken by the urge to give a shout. To raise their voice in joyful celebration. To embrace the sun on their backs, the wind in their faces, and the blood rushing through their veins. It is a feeling that transcends age or ability. It is a moment that is simple but profound. A sound that is loud, perhaps a bit disruptive, and certainly grabs attention.

At Ruckus Bikes, our mission is to inspire more people to experience these moments and make a happy ruckus.